Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Trip to Bandung with colleagues ... It was FUN!

It was on end of August, 2013. My division had an outing together. We travelled to Bandung for 2D/1N and stayed a night in Lembang.

At 11 o'clock, when we have arrived in Maribaya. It is a conservation's place which has some waterfalls and Japanese's cave.

those Cactus are sold to visitor ... looks great in bright colours. LOVE it!

The beautiful scenery in Maribaya.
We had a great time in Maribaya that much. So, we moved to another place to take some rest. Fresh air in the highland were good to us. Next stop is Burgundy Cafe ...

 Enjoy the ice cream ... Sounds crazy, isn't it? since it was a cold wheather, hahahaha!

We proceed to go to hotel near by the cafe. And we all had a dinner in Kampung Daun, a big area of restaurant where has a beautiful landscape .. feel so natural! Little forest ...

We all were very HAPPY! Had a enjoyful weekend together ... keep it nice as ONE Family, team!


Heritage Culture ... Visit SEMARANG!

Visiting a heritage culture on some places will always interesting, especially in Semarang ... my hometown :)
If you have limited budget for travelling, I could suggest to visit Semarang.


Semarang has a lots of place to be visited, such as "Lawang Sewu", "Sam Poo Kong", and "Semawis", etc. Many acculturations create an new charachteristic of Semarang itself.

Lawang Sewu is a landmark of Semarang, which means "a thousand doors". It is an old building, has an underground tunnel that will connect from one building to another building.

Another place is Sam Poo Kong. the oldest temple which established by the Chinese Moslem, named Zheng Ho.
In this area, there are one main temple (Sam Poo Kong) and the other temples surrounding.

Basically, It only takes a day or two days instead.
Some places which you will see in Semarang ... Here they are ...
Train Station - Main Office of PT. KAI, Tawang

Semawis, is an area where Chinese people who had mingled with the natives

Enjoy Semarang, then ... if you have more time to spend, you will feel so blessed of the culinary of traditional food in Semarang, try it! :)

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

the warmth of a friendship ... Kiluan Island, Lampung

It was June 2013, on a summer day. I did backpacking with my travelmates to soothe myself from a crowded city ... J-town ...

At the first time, actually we were not going to Lampung but we wanna go to Karimunjawa. But, it was too far. So, we decided to go to Lampung - Teluk Kiluan for three days.
We departed on Wednesday from Gambir by bus to proceed to Merak - Bakauheni. It was a bit bumpy in the sea, but it we were okay ... since bad wheather is a part of experience during travelling.

On next morning, it was Thursday. We arrived at 7 o'clock in the bus station in Bandar Lampung. Our friend who lives there already wait for us. Then, we drove about 5 hours to go to Teluk Kiluan.
And here we were ...

small island surrounded by beach


While there ...
We could enjoy the beach, walked around the island (you could find a lagoon if you want it), and in the early morning .. just ask to the local people to let you had a dolphins tour. It was great experience.


Highland Park - Bogor

Outing kantor itu biasanya emang paling asik untuk seru-seruan.
Kebetulan di bulan Nov 2012, sekantor ngadain outing di Highland Park Bogor. Tepatnya di lereng gunung Salak. Kebayang pastinya dinginnya disana. Tapi dengan bannyaknya kegiatan outbound, bikin udara dingin seakan terlupakan bersamaan dengan kehangatan bersama temen-temen sekantor.
Bayangin aja, ada hampir 300 org dari total 4 divisi dari 5 lantai di gedung kami... nah, tuch bayangin aja riuhnya ... ahahahaha.

Inilah potret kami ... numpang narsis yaaa ...

Disini kami akan bermalam satu hari, dan inilaha tampilan camp kami ...

Penginapan ini didesain seperti camp Mongolian, membuat area ini tampak unik. Jarang-jarang ada konsep penginapan seperti ini. Suasananya memang sejuk dan segar, tepatlah untuk kami refreshing bersama.
Dari sisi yang berseberangan, tepatnya dari area restaurant, kami dapat menikmati pemandangan gunung, meskipun kala itu sedikit berkabut.

Asik kan tempatnya ... Bagi yang mau berenang juga bisa asik main basah-basahan.
Tempat ini juga cocok bagi yang ingin berwisata bersama keluarga.
Have Fun, then! hihihi ... :p