Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Trip to Bandung with colleagues ... It was FUN!

It was on end of August, 2013. My division had an outing together. We travelled to Bandung for 2D/1N and stayed a night in Lembang.

At 11 o'clock, when we have arrived in Maribaya. It is a conservation's place which has some waterfalls and Japanese's cave.

those Cactus are sold to visitor ... looks great in bright colours. LOVE it!

The beautiful scenery in Maribaya.
We had a great time in Maribaya that much. So, we moved to another place to take some rest. Fresh air in the highland were good to us. Next stop is Burgundy Cafe ...

 Enjoy the ice cream ... Sounds crazy, isn't it? since it was a cold wheather, hahahaha!

We proceed to go to hotel near by the cafe. And we all had a dinner in Kampung Daun, a big area of restaurant where has a beautiful landscape .. feel so natural! Little forest ...

We all were very HAPPY! Had a enjoyful weekend together ... keep it nice as ONE Family, team!


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