Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Bird Watching at Saleo's Hill

04.30 in the early morning, we have to wake up and head to the hill, it took 15 minutes for four of us to reach the area near by the hill.
Once arrived, we have to go uphill around 40 minutes to the top, as we will see many birds, such as : Cendrawasih, Cockatoo, and fitches. Before we walked up, Bapa Orgenes (our tour guide) gave us a stick which helped us to hold while walked through the hedge trees. In the first  ten minutes we took a rest for a while, inhale and exhale .. pyuhh -.-
Then … in 30 minutes, we could see the bird was dancing and singing, shouted to each others … very beautiful and peaceful as well. Here we are …
Happy faces ^^v
Had fun with the birds, we climbed down to the “tree’s house”, it was 500 metres from the top. We called the place is Panorama View. We could see the islands next to Saleo, the village downhill, and the beautiful borderless blue see.
It was very nice place J

the tree house

Panorama View

 (from left to the right: Bapa Orgenes, Kak Nyong, me, and Rari)
Bapa Orgenes is very kindheart, he showed to us the origin habitat of the birds and furthermore, he teached us how to call the birds by whistling xoxo ^^
If I had another chances, absolutely I wanna go to the tree house, spend the time alone and see how beautiful Saleo.
If you want to go to bird watching, please contact me for further details. I will give you the contact person of Kak Nyong or Bapa Orgenes.


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  1. wonderfull journey :) keep it up..

  2. thank you "lumbungpadi" for passed by into my blog ...
    happy travelling and get the wonderful adventures :)

  3. Wow asyik banget dapat kesempatan bird-watching di alamnya. Dimana ini? Papuakah?

    1. tx u for visiting my blog :)

      iya, di Raja Ampat, Papua .. seru disana.